“We bought the farm…”

Before I begin, let me just say: Bless every farm owner that has ever kept my horse, for you have hauled more garbage, mowed more grass, dealt with more builders/banks/lawyers/insurance agents/fencers/people at the hardware store than I ever could have imagined…
until last week. Exactly 7 days ago, my life-long dream became a reality (a BIG reality) and we bought a lovely horse farm in Germantown, Maryland. So far, all the best laid plans have not gone so smoothly…
1. I packed everything early, so that I wouldn’t be rushed when I had more things to do. That didn’t work out so well, when (for the 800th time) I found myself sifting through boxes to find something I needed.
2. We have managed to buy a lot of things at Home Depot only to discover that the farm already has one hidden in some corner of an outbuilding, basement or randomly in the grass.
3. I totally accepted that there would be a lot of grass to mow, but I did not plan on this much rain coming down the minute we moved in. Going on 7 days with no mowing. Dear neighbors: I swear we aren’t those people.
4. Thanks to said rain, I have also had to reschedule all of the 5,000 people coming to the farm to talk to us about fencing, framing, excavating, building, chopping, cutting, cleaning (and maybe modern dancing? Who knows anymore…).

So, the outdoor projects are on hold, but we did manage to rip out about 1,500 sq ft of carpet and padding. Underneath the downstairs was lovely dark wood. Upstairs, not so much. A thousand tack strips and staples later, my back feels like I was tossed off a horse and the downstairs is good to go. The upstairs required a rented belt sander, paint stripper and a lot of cleaning afterwards to get it down to acceptable pine floors that we will finish later. I prefer to keep my budget for the horses 🙂 I stumbled upon 2 area rugs for an insane price and $80 later managed to make the guest rooms acceptable. I yanked all the curtains down, which helped to remove the remaining stink bugs in the house. I now consider the house as close to done as it is going to get, because the skies have parted and it is time to get working on the barns!

Until next time… wish us luck. In less than a month there will be the first horses there and pretty soon we will be ready to host the Olympics 😉






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