What happens in the "L" Program, stays in the "L" Program

A reader just let me know how much they enjoyed the story about Suki, the sushi chef/Mongolian horse racer. What I had forgotten to tell you was that we went back to The Last Samurai for dinner on Saturday night – with the organizers, some participants and Sandy.

Suki had joked that I was supposed to bring my whole group back and it was only an incredible coincidence that the organizers decided to take us to dinner there. However, he was so excited that I brought them that he gave us a veggie tempura appetizer… on the house.

I hope that everyone didn’t think I was weird for already knowing the locals enough to be getting free food out of them. Needless to say, I was bright red when this happened and totally embarassed.

On a side note, I think this is a story to keep amongst the “barn crowd”, as my boyfriend wouldn’t really like to hear that an equestrian, sushi chef was giving me free food.

I am going to add a new rule: “What happens at the L Program, stays at the L Program.” 😉

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