What riding group can be under 25 and called a club?

This weekend I enjoyed a Pony Club Rally at Morven Park in Leesburg, VA. The kids had such a great time and they all encouraged and cheered for each other. When one girl had finished her dressage test I saw five of her friends quickly walk over to tell her what a great job she did. This kind of encouragement is what will make these kids keep riding!
The pony club has many rules and guidelines for everyone involved to follow. One of these is no parents are allowed in the barn, only the selected barn management team. It brought me back to my days at Tamarack Stables where my riding instructor would tell parents to stay OUT of the barn! It is amazing what kids can do when they simply HAVE to, and so I enjoyed walking thru the barns to see how these kids did without parents help. I must say it was impressive organization and the parents would have been proud! The highlight of the rally for me was watching my friends daughter Maggie put in a great test on her pony Princess! My second favorite was watching the musical freestyles. I’m telling you these kids know how to have fun! Check out your local pony club if you are looking for a organized and fun group to horse around with!


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