What to Wear?!?!

I managed to find just enough clothing in my closet to put together two appropriate outfits for the “L” program. It made me realize that it has been a really long time since I wore trousers.

Everything is packed, the travel plans are set and I am ready to learn a LOT this weekend… and take some great photos. Stay tuned for my blog posts and photos throughout the weekend.

Utah here I come!

Side note: I spent a year interning on Capitol Hill and working on the 2004 Presidential Campaign (I will keep politics out of this and just let you guess which side I worked for). I was required to wear skirt suits some of the time and trousers on casual days. Since then, most of my “business” wardrobe has morphed into breeches and smart looking vests. Luckily, I keep everything and was able to rationalize my pack rat abilities when I pulled out my old “Hill” clothing.

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