Who needs a scribe?!?! :\

“Hi. How may I help you?”

“I was just trying to double-check my flight info for an upcoming trip to Idaho, but the person that is coming with me doesn’t seem to be on the itinerary anymore.”

…”Yes. It appears that when you booked it, the agent believed that you hung up on her before the transaction was complete so she cancelled that passenger with a note that you would call back.”

“That is interesting. I gave her my credit card information and she gave me a confirmation number. Then we said goodbye, with no mention of calling back.”

“Well. If you are interested in re-booking the ticket, I would be happy to do that for you.”


“Hold please. (pause) That will be $976.”

“What? I just wanted you to ‘uncancel’ it. Why does it cost that much?”

“Because it is less than 14 days before your travel, so your Free Ticket Voucher no longer works.”

“Can I speak with your Manager?”

“Hold please” (5 minute pause).

“We can accept your Voucher, if you can bring it to the airport within 24 hours.”

“I was just at 2 airports yesterday. The first Agent told me I didn’t need to even give you the Voucher.”

“Hold please.” (7 minute pause) You do not need to bring the Voucher, your ticket is now reactivated. Thank you for your time.”

“Is it safe to hang up now? I definitely will not have that ticket cancelled?”

“Yes Ms. Moore. Thank you.”