Winding down or wound up?!?!

For no reason I can think of, I had my first nightmare about the L Program the other night. The D2 isn’t until the end of July, it has been weeks since my D1 and I thought it went well. So, who knows why I had this dream…

(On a coincidental side note, as I type this my little chihuahua seems to be having his own nightmare and is barking from under the covers)

Anyway, back to my nightmare…

I was sitting in the judges box with a member of my L Program Faculty. I will keep her name anonymous, mostly because I would be embarrassed to run into her knowing that she might have heard about this dream. However, I have no bad feelings about her – I think she just represents the Program to me.

So we are sitting in the Judge’s Box and every time I say a score for a movement out loud she says the total opposite. I give a 9 and she gives a 3. Then, she asks me to explain my score but I haven’t been watching the ride, I have been facing her and telling her numbers. Meanwhile, it turns out I am riding the test we are watching and I get even more nervous hearing that she is giving me such bad scores. All I am thinking is: How am I supposed to stare at you, give a score, ride the test, not get nervous and ignore that I seem to be failing? (Think: The time in the dressage test when you overhear the Judge score your previous movement with something like a 4, but you need to focus on getting an 8 on the next movement and forget that she seems to hate your ride).

I remember waking up, thinking that I should be doing more to prepare and was relieved to realize that I am actually sitting at Morven Park this weekend. So, hopefully my weekend will help prevent me from failing the Final Exam.

Someone once said that if you are worried you don’t know it all and need to prepare more, you are probably not in the group of people that is going to end up failing because they didn’t prepare enough. Keep your fingers crossed!

Now… I wonder what it means if your dog is having nightmares while you blog about the L Program?!?!

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