Xmas Greetings from the Dominican Republic!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I am in the sunny Dominican Republic, enjoying Christmas with my family and friends.

After some IT issues, I am now able to sign on to the computer and correspond with some very important people – my barn owner, clients and blog readers.

First, I learned that Maryland was BURIED in 2 feet of snow. The manure spreader is not currently functional, so there will be a huge manure pile to move when the snow clears… I am coming home soon to help! All the horses, however, seem indifferent to the weather. Though they have runs out the back of their stalls, my horse seems to do little more than stare at the snow outside when his back door is open. Considering how “Trakehner” he can be, I am shocked to know that he is handling the no turnout and break from riding as though he was meant to live a sedentary lifestyle.

Everyone else seems to be dealing with the snow as well as possible and I am starting to feel a little less guilty about leaving on vacation, now that I know few people are riding as much as usual.

In warmer climates, I have found the horses down here very different. They look like the average warmblood, age 2. They are also skinnier than the horses I am used to, though they have plenty to eat. I missed taking a photo of a gorgeous stallion I saw, with the shiniest coat. I am curious to learn more about their history. What part of their bloodlines came from Christopher Columbus and company? Will research more and report back later, unless a reader has more knowledge than I do.

Until then… Merry Christmas!

(Photos are of an armored horse in Diego Columbus’ house and a horse sculpture in the Colonial section of Santo Domingo)






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