Lendon Clinic!

This morning, I got the call from CDCTA that there was a spot for me tomorrow morning in the Lendon Gray clinic at Lauren Sprieser’s farm.

Trailer situation finally figured out, packing complete, frantic rescheduling and 2.5 hours of driving… and we finally arrived in Marshall just in time for a 7:30 pm stretch under saddle before settling in for the night.

As usual, my boyfriend was very understanding when I explained to him that I wouldn’t be home tonight because I was taking my horse to Virginia for a clinic… that I would be home and dressed up in time for his company’s holiday party tomorrow, late afternoon (also the reason I turned down a Sunday AM clinic spot!).

Lauren was nice enough to offer me and my horse a place to stay, so I don’t have to ship out at 5:30 a.m. in 20 degree weather tomorrow morning. Instead, I can roll out of bed and waltz downstairs to the barn… without even going outside 🙂

I am excited to be working with Lendon tomorrow. I have been talking with her about a training session in January, up at her place, and this is the perfect chance to get some homework and check back in a few weeks later.

Jill – my barn owner/client/saint – was kind enough to lend me her trailer and will be coming down to audit with a friend tomorrow morning. Since she often watches me work my horse and I share all of my clinic videos with her, I am excited for her to also learn from Lendon’s clinic. The next best thing to bringing your own horse, is auditing a session with a horse/rider you are familiar with.

Great barn owners… supportive fellow equestrians… understanding boyfriend… AND a Lendon Gray clinic. I really am a lucky lady 🙂

Photos and clinic report to follow!






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