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Adult Amateur Dressage Rider

Dressage Today Podcast: Meet the Hosts

Meet Dressage Today! In our debut episode, we–Jennifer Mellace and Lindsay Paulsen—introduce ourselves as your hosts. We’re two adult amateurs who are passionate about horses and the sport of dressage. In this episode, we’re talking about our equestrian backgrounds and some of the greatest challenges we have faced in our own time with horses.


An Admission of Apathy: The Tale of a Dressage Amateur

Dressage Today blogger and Adult Amateur dressage rider Jennifer Wuorinen shares an honest account of recent burnout.

carolyn healy and gemini

A Reminder That Progress in Dressage is Not Linear

Adult Amateur and DT blogger Carolyn Healy reflects on her challenging last year of dressage training and shares an important positive takeaway.

jennifer wuorinen and trooper

Confessions of a Proud, Fairly Average Adult Amateur Dressage Rider

Meet Jennifer Wuorinen, winner of the Adult Amateur division in Dressage Today's 2019 Blogger Contest! In her debut blog, she discusses anxiety, her Drum Horse and the many roles she juggles as an equine enthusiast.

dressage today blogger contest

Enter the Dressage Today 2019 Blogger Contest!

We are on the hunt for one Adult Amateur dressage rider and one professional dressage rider who can blog about their dressage journeys on a regular basis.