siding on indoor

Building the Dream Barn: The Barn Takes Shape

Dressage professional Kelly McGinn shares an update on the construction process of her new dressage facility.

ayden uhlir dressage facility 2

The Silent Efforts Behind Successful Dressage Facilities

As a new facility owner, young dressage professional Ayden Uhlir shares her perspective on the often-unnoticed work that goes on behind the scenes to keep equestrian facilities running smoothly.

Premier Equestrian horse and footing at Steffen Peters Farm, California Credit Premier Equestrian

Find Your Dressage Arena Footing

Researchers and footing providers tell stories that reflect the current state of arena footing.

margaret freeman dressage letters

Remembering Dressage Arena Letters

It’s easy to remember the position of the dressage letters when they’re right in front of you, but not so easy when they aren’t.