Articles With Volker Brommann

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9 Techniques to Improve the Halt, Part 2

FEI trainer Volker Brommann explains how to develop the halt through the training levels and gives tips on how to improve this movement and correct common problems.

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Four Stages to Halt

FEI trainer Volker Brommann explains how good halts develop from a foundation of trust, understanding and patience.

Molly O’Brien rides Telurico, a 17-year-old Lusitano stallion owned by Annie Morris.

Volker Brommann: The Why, When and How of Transitions

A USDF Certified Instructor at the FEI levels talks about his favorite training tool.

Credit: Beth Baumert Annie Morris rides her own 8-year-old PRE gelding, Icaro.

Develop Your Horse's Sense of Readiness with Volker Brommann

FEI rider and trainer offers his thoughts on how to effectively ride a dressage horse