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Baroque Horses

baroque horse by amy k dragoo

Saddle-Fit Considerations for the Baroque Horse

Sherry Belton explains important factors to consider.


The Beauty of Baroque Horses

Images from Dressage Today's 2018 Annual Baroque Gallery.


14 Breathtaking Images of Baroque Horses

We hope you enjoy these photos from Dressage Today's 2017 Baroque issue.

Credit: Stephanie Olson Kimberley Beldam rides Patriote, a Canadian Horse.

Get to Know the Canadian Horse

Learn more about “The Little Iron Horse”: Canada’s baroque breed

Credit: Barbara Bella Photography

How Do I Encourage My Andalusian to Stretch?

Are there exercises that work particularly well for Iberian breeds?

Felicitas and Tonico showing. Photo by Susan J. Stickle.

The Journey of a Baroque Horse

FEI trainer Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel shares her story of finding a baroque horse, Tonico do Top, and training him to the highest level of dressage.

tips buying baroque horse

What to Look for When Buying a Baroque Horse

Kristina Harrison explains how to assess rideability, temperament, gaits and conformation when buying a Baroque horse.