Debbie Rodriguez

canter transition

How Do I Ride a Clean Walk-Canter Depart on My Dressage Horse?

USEF “S” dressage judge Debbie Rodriguez offers tips on schooling a clean walk-canter depart

rider fitness core exercises

How Dressage Riders Benefit from Developing Strong Core Muscles

USEF “S” dressage judge Debbie Rodriguez shares her thoughts on becoming a fit rider.

understanding dressage test

How to Translate Dressage "Language"

Debbie Rodriguez explains how to decipher the phrase "go forward," among other terms that are frequently used by trainers and clinicians.


Judges’ Perspectives on Intercollegiate Catch Riding

Judges Debbie Rodriguez and Dorothy Maxfield answer popular questions on the minds of Intercollegiate Dressage Association riders.

Photo Courtesy of Debbie Rodriguez

Try This Hip Lift Exercise to Reduce Pain

As the muscles surrounding your spine and hips get stronger, they support the joints more effectively.