Dressage Aids

steffen peters how to refine dressage aids

How to Fine-Tune Your Dressage Aids with Steffen Peters

This Olympian urges riders to refine their aids and have high expectations to increase the horse’s mental understanding.

Credit: Photo courtesy, Annie Morris To practice the reaction to the aids, start with the simple exercise of walk–halt–walk transitions. At the halt, sit relaxed, soft and still.

Chris Hickey's Tips for Refining Your Aids

Learn how to refine your aids to a whisper as you progress in dressage training.

Credit: Monica Adams Charles de Kunffy teaches Janet Manley and a group of auditors at a Texas clinic.

Charles de Kunffy's Lessons for Dressage Instructors: The Nature of the Horse

Teach your dressage students how to gain the horse’s trust and cooperation.