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Dressage Clinic

Group photo

5 Takeaways from Adrienne Lyle's Win-a-Day Clinic

Check out these five tips from Olympic silver medalist Adrienne Lyle.

jan brons clinic

Simplify Your Riding with 5 Dressage Training Tips from Jan Brons

Advice on how to get more from your horse by doing less

scott hassler clinic

Life in the Dream Barn: We Hit the Ground Running!

Dressage professional Kelly McGinn shares an update on life in her newly finished dressage facility, which included a whirlwind trip to a show and hosting a clinic with Scott Hassler!

dressage clinic

The Purpose and Mechanics of a Dressage Clinic

Tips and encouragement for riders who are new to dressage clinics

carolyn healy and gemini

A Reminder That Progress in Dressage is Not Linear

Adult Amateur and DT blogger Carolyn Healy reflects on her challenging last year of dressage training and shares an important positive takeaway.

steffen peters: scott hassler clinic

Auditing the Dressage Clinic

This is the first article in a four-part series addressing the need for and know-how of auditing, riding in, teaching and organizing dressage clinics in the U.S.

Safe 6 IMG_1268

Don't Settle for the "Safe" Dressage Scores

Blogger and judge Margaret Freeman explains why higher scores are often worth the risk.