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Dressage Lessons

Patient Bubba gets a treat

Why Do I Feel Like a Beginner Rider Again?

Dressage Today's Jennifer Mellace shares an update on her return to the saddle.

bubba and jennifer mellace

Lessons from a Dressage Pony Named Bubba

Dressage Today's Jennifer Mellace shares how a special, 13.2-hand pony has reconnected her to the joy of riding.

@emily tarantini3

The Strength of a Rider

With a determined mindset and the support of her college riding team, Mika McKinney won’t let osteosarcoma stand in her way of returning to the saddle.

charles dekunffy teachers notebook

Charles de Kunffy's Lessons for Dressage Instructors: The Custodians of a Living Art

A discussion of the role of the teacher, the measure of a good lesson and the best techniques for instructing a rider.