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10 Tips for Better Driving Aids

Use the seat, leg, voice and whip to help train the horse to the lightest forward aid.


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Riding a Square with AnnA Buffini

Grand Prix competitor AnnA Buffini shows how to introduce your horse to the idea of riding a square.


Riding the Magic Square with an Upper-Level Horse

AnnA Buffini demonstrates how riding a square can help an upper-level horse.

AnnA June 16

Riding the Magic Square with a Lower-Level Horse

AnnA Buffini demonstrates how riding a square can help a lower-level horse improve their balance, turning and ability to go forward.

June 9

The Influence of Rider Balance on the Horse’s Balance

Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel explains how the rider's balance influences the horse’s balance.

jenna arnold concordia dressage canter

7 Ways to Stay Inspired When You Can't Ride

DT blogger and dressage professional Jenna Arnold shares a few ideas to help you stay sharp even when you're not in the saddle.

nicholas fyffe

Cross-Training with Cavalletti

Grand Prix dressage trainer Nicholas Fyffe shares why and how he utilizes cavalletti to cross-train his horses.