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Drum Horse

equestrian in isolation 2

10 Things (of Questionable Usefulness) to Do As a Self-Isolated Equestrian

DT blogger and Adult Amateur dressage rider Jennifer Wuorinen shares a lighthearted and humorous perspective on life as an equestrian stuck at home.

jennifer wuorinen trooper snow dressage training

A Fair-Weather Friend’s Guide to Winterizing Your Outdoor Riding Plan

DT blogger and Adult Amateur Jennifer Wuorinen discusses her winter riding goal—and her various attempts to achieve it—with humor and realism.

pricked ears

When You and Your Horse Have Different Agendas

DT Adult Amateur blogger Jennifer Wuorinen reflects on the unexpected circumstances that bring out the flight instincts of horses—and the occasional perks of these moments.

jennifer wuorinen and trooper

Confessions of a Proud, Fairly Average Adult Amateur Dressage Rider

Meet Jennifer Wuorinen, winner of the Adult Amateur division in Dressage Today's 2019 Blogger Contest! In her debut blog, she discusses anxiety, her Drum Horse and the many roles she juggles as an equine enthusiast.