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jenna arnold concordia dressage goal setting

2020 Vision: 6 Steps to Define Your Dressage Goals for This Year

Follow this guide from USDF gold medalist Jenna Arnold to develop your goals for the coming year.

why we do dressage janet dolly hannon

Let's Remember Why We Do Dressage

In a sport that often encourages us to focus on achieving goals, Janet "Dolly" Hannon reminds us of a critical element in the dressage journey that should not be forgotten.

paul haefner riding far sport psychology goal setting

Goal Setting Tips for Riders

Advice from Paul Haefner, Ph.D.

Credit: Rhett Savoie Jane Savoie rides Menno (aka Moshi), her Grand Prix Friesian, on a hack with her dog, Indy.

Become an Independent Dressage Student with Jane Savoie

Make the most of your dressage education with goal-setting and homework.