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moving up to second level

Are You Ready to Move Up to Second Level?

Kate Fleming-Kuhn explains how to be sure you and your dressage horse are prepared before moving up a level.

lindsay and mike morven park

Here’s to the Donnerhalls

Celebrating the special people who support our lives with horses

ulita o lindsay paulsen

You Get More Than One Fresh Start

As we begin a new year, Dressage Today's Lindsay Paulsen shares how her 2018 had a rocky start but ended with smiles.

wendy riddelll horse show entry dressage

The Slow Death of Dressage: The Horse Show Entry

A longtime dressage competitor explains why she believes the multitude of required memberships and complicated show entries are a detriment to the sport.

kat riding without pressure

The Beauty of Pressure-Free Riding

How my retired horse helped me realize that dressage training doesn't always have to be so serious

margaret freeman escribing dressage blog

The Value and Cost of Electronic Scribing for Dressage Tests

Blogger and USEF dressage judge Margaret Freeman speaks from personal experience to discuss the perks and drawbacks of electronic scribing and scoring.

judy nagy lynn o'connor kda volunteer by susan j stickle

The Joy of Volunteering at Dressage Competitions

A long-time Kentucky Dressage Association volunteer shares her meaningful experience.

Credit: Coco/Firefly Fotos

Develop a Pre-Competition Ritual

Pre-competition rituals can help ground you when nerves hit hard.

It can be a good showmanship strategy to do a canter-to-trot transition near to the corner at Training Level.

The Role of Showmanship in Dressage Tests

Margaret Freeman explains the art of presenting your horse in the best light to the judge.

equestrian parents

A Daughter’s Gratitude

DT’s managing editor shares her appreciation for the unwavering support of her family.

Credit: Coco/Firefly Fotos

Energize Yourself to Perform in the Show Ring

Harness positive thinking to become a stronger competitor.

cara whitham by kathleen wattle

Understanding Pre-Competition Butterflies

Cara Whitham explores the topic of show nerves and gives tips to help your butterflies "fly in formation."

dressage summer heat show

Keep Cool at Summer Horse Shows

Experts provide tips to help horse and rider safely handle extreme heat.

After the judge rings her bell, you have 45 seconds to enter at A.

Enter at A: The 45-Second Rule

After the judge rings her bell, you have 45 seconds to enter the arena. Margaret Freeman weighs in on this overlooked competition rule.


Getting to the Ring on Time

In the end, it's the rider's responsibility to know the schedule

Choosing to not wear your show coat in beastly weather may be the healthier choice and also could optimize your performance.

Hot Weather Riding

If show management says "coats are waived," go for it.

The A end of the arena is where the judge has the clearest view of the horse and rider in profile.

Getting Bigger Results from the Arena’s Shorter End

The far end of the arena may be the most neglected part of a dressage test.

FEI Test Error

No Do-Overs in Dressage

FEI changes to dressage scores eliminate deliberate errors

At the end of every test, you halt facing the judge at C and salute. Sometimes it’s at G, as seen here, but more usually it’s at X.

Making Up A New Dressage Test

At the end of every test, you halt facing the judge at C and salute. Sometimes it’s at G, as seen here, but more usually it’s at X.

Dealing with dressage test anxiety

Dealing with Dressage Test Anxiety

I was gratified recently to hear a former U.S. team rider tell of an experience early in her career. She was just riding in a field, practicing some movements, with all going well. Ok, she decided, I’ll run through the test. Suddenly her horse seemed to change, from loose and relaxed to stiff and tense.

Joanna Allmeling and Avril, owned by Karen Klemt, compete at Hohnstorf in Lauenburg Elbe, Germany.

Warm-Up Strategies for Show-Ring Success

Rider and Trainer Endel Ots shares his tips for preparing to ride a dressage test.

Credit: Jennifer M. Keeler Temporary stalls with open sides like these, often seen at horse shows, are a big biosecurity no-no as a pathogen can easily be passed from horse to horse during their stay.

Horse-Show Biosecurity: Is Your Horse at Risk?

Protecting your horse’s health must be a priority at all times, not just when it’s convenient.

Credit: Charles Mann

Pro Tips to Help You Memorize Your Dressage Test

Try these tips to memorize your dressage test and ride it with accuracy while staying calm and cool on show day.