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Injury Prevention

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10 Tips to Keep Cool at Summer Shows + Injury Prevention

Experts provide tips to help horse and rider safely handle extreme heat. Plus, advice on returning to riding after an injury and how to prevent them.

fitness mature riders

Unmounted Fitness Exercises for Mature Dressage Riders

Rider fitness tips to improve flexibility, mobility and strength for the over-40 rider

cold therapy for horses

What You Need to Know About Cold Therapy for Horses

For acute injury to soft tissues, including fascia, muscle, tendon and/or ligament tissue, ice is often the first and best treatment

Credit: Nancy Jaffer Ankle stretches can be done on the stairs at your home or on the mounting block as you’re warming up for your ride.

Riding Dressage After Injury

A New Jersey physician and horsewoman helps her patients return to riding after an injury.