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Jane Savoie

winter riding

Dressage Today Podcast: Winter Riding Inspiration

Our favorite short stories from Lendon Gray, Jane Savoie and Sarah Geikie

be your horse's advocate jane savoie

The Rider's Duty: Be an Advocate for Your Horse

Jane Savoie explains why it is important to speak up and be your horse's advocate when he's had enough for the day.

Credit: Rhett Savoie Jane Savoie rides Menno (aka Moshi), her Grand Prix Friesian, on a hack with her dog, Indy.

Become an Independent Dressage Student with Jane Savoie

Make the most of your dressage education with goal-setting and homework.

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Riding the "Dreaded" Canter Zigzag with Jane Savoie

The counter change of hand in dressage half pass at Intermediaire II can be mastered if you break it down into details.