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Kathy Rowse

dressage leg position by amy k dragoo

5 Exercises to Help You Find and Feel Correct Dressage Leg Position

Kathy Rowse answers a reader question and provides some advice to improve dressage leg position.

Credit: Arnd Bronkhorst - Good dressage judges have many responsibilities: to the sport, to horses and riders, to the federation and show management.

Is There Breed Bias In Dressage Judging?

Dressage judge Kathy Rowse answers this reader question and discusses the duties of a dressage judge.

Credit: Arnd Bronkhorst - Judges must learn and use correct terminology and become extremely descriptive in order to give reflective comments.

The Benefits of a Dressage Judge’s Perspective

Kathy Rowse explains a lesson she wishes she had learned sooner in her dressage career.