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Rider Biomechanics: Discover a Deeper and More Effective Dressage Seat

Susanne von Dietze critiques Amber Hall and her young Oldenburg gelding at First Level.

Amanda Peer and Cal

How Build Core Stability in the Saddle without Becoming Stiff

Biomechanics expert Susanne von Dietze critiques Amanda Peer and her 14-year-old Oldenburg gelding.

Credit: Silke Rottermann German Grand Prix rider Sabine Becker and her 18-year-old Oldenburg gelding, Lamarc, have a special bond that extends beyond the show ring. Perhaps that is what helped Becker solve the mystery behind the gelding’s assorted ailments in 2010.

The Aging Dressage Horse with Sabine Becker

Part 2, German Grand Prix rider Sabine Becker shares the story of her Oldenberg gelding, Lamarc.