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On The Forehand

cristina kayvon pierce baltimore first level

Shift Balance To Encourage Self-Carriage in Dressage

Biomechanics expert Susanne von Dietze discusses encouraging self-carriage as she critiques Cristina Kayvon-Pierce at First Level.

Credit: Courtesy, Aly Werth Aly Werth rides her 8-year-old, Morgan/draft-cross mare, Blue, at Training Level.

Take Control of Your Horse's Tempo

Heather Blitz critiques Aly Werth at Training Level.

Credit: Illustration by Sandy Rabinowitz A horse “coming over his back” is much like a wave forming. The energy of the water is pushing from behind, causing the wave to come up and around, much like a horse’s energy pushes from behind up over his back and down his neck.

How to Achieve Real Uphill Balance with Your Dressage Horse

USDF Certified Instructor Candy Allen discusses how to create more freedom in a horse's shoulder and achieve uphill balance.