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Unmounted Exercise

secret following horses motion seat

The Secret to Following Your Horse’s Motion

Liz Steacie shares advice to help riders find a better sitting trot. Plus, try her unmounted exercise to get a better feel.


Basic Horse Behavior for Dressage Success

Try these mounted and unmounted exercises with your horse to establish respect and improve your relationship.

Credit: Arnd Bronkhorst - The dressage rider’s goal is to develop a classically correct seat (as shown above by Kasey Perry); where she will sit in an ear–shoulder–hip–heel vertical alignment while continuing to swing with the horse’s back.

Learning to Sit the Trot

Joan Williams explains this important step in a dressage rider's development and answers a reader's question.

Credit: © hamara Hip pain and tightness are common complaints, seeming to be more prevalent among dressage riders.

Can Wide Horses Cause Rider Hip Pain?

Britta Anna Pedersen explains that hip pain and tightness are common complaints that seem to be more prevalent among dressage riders.