Let me back track…

So after my frantic, late-night post about my first day at the Program, I am sure you will be excited to hear that I am planning on retracing my steps in a little more organized fashion – so you can hear about my Session B in chronological order.

First things first, the night before my trip…

On Thursday night, I managed to break an old habit and have my laundry done more than 10 hours before a trip somewhere! Did that give me time to go to bed early? No, I took the chance to clip a horse that desperately needed it and make a huge, hairy mess.

Horse clipped? Check.
More laundry? Check.
Back to old habits? Check.

I am not complaining – I think clipping a horse is a necessary evil and I think to myself (during EVERY minute of arm-numbing madness) that every clip job saves hours in cool-down time. Plus, horses look so handsome with new haircuts 🙂

Anyway, the real clipping got me as side-tracked from the “L” Program stuff about as much as it has during this post! So, I finally got home and packed my proven outfits for the Program:

  • 2 sweater-like turtlenecks
  • 2 pairs of semi-dressy, winter-weight trousers
  • 2 semi-dressy sweaters
  • 1 pair of Dansko black clogs
  • socks/underwear/toiletries
  • 1 t-shirt for sleeping and in case it gets warm
  • sweatpants for sleeping
  • jeans/shirt/scarf/uggs/wool coat for travelling and to have in Utah

I also brought my:

  • Rule Book
  • Copy of the Dressage Tests Training, First & Second Levels
  • Black & Red pen
  • “L” Binder
  • Notepaper
  • Laptop/charger
  • Cell phone/charger
  • Purse – money, USDF card, credit cards & license

All packed, laundry running, I ordered Chinese delivery for dinner*.

*Since my boyfriend has never asked me to make dinner, but I cringe every time he tells me he eats nothing but cereal while I am away for “horse stuff”, I ordered 3 entrees and an appetizer for just the 2 of us – so there would be leftovers for him.

With nothing left to do, but have an anxious sleep, it was about time I headed to Utah!






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