Short-term and long-term role models

Everyone always talks about short- and long-term goals. Short-term goals cover the daily grind of “to do’s”, so that you can achieve the long-term goals of your dreams.

I also believe that there are also short- and long-term role models.

We all have long-term “dream” goals and role models – The almost-untouchable dreams and people that motivate us to go to college, settle down, work full-time, lose sleep, sign up for the gym and/or move to a strange country…. how many people have idolize Ghandi, Edward Gal & Totilas, Martha Stewart and Michael Phelps?

However, we also have short-term “to do list” goals and role models that get us to our dreams.

In my opinion, the long-term role models and goals are easy for people to come up with – Wanting to ride like Steffen Peters and go to the Olympics, being a good wife and mother like your own mom, etc…

Getting there is the harder part!

Not only is it hard to determine the path that gets you to your dreams, but it is also hard to stick with it. Similarly, finding the right influences in your life that keep you motivated EVERY day to achieve your short-term goals is what separates the future role models from the rest.

My short-term role models get me up every morning – no matter how cold and dark it is outside. They help ride my horse at 9 p.m. – even if I have been showing other horses all day and am still wearing my white breeches.

Sometimes a silly movie on t.v. is my role model – watching someone put in a lifetime of work to achieve their dreams in just 90 minutes can remind you of how short-term goals can pay off.

Last week, the professional eaters at the hot dog eating contest

reminded me that everything we eat can affect our goals and kept me from having 18 slices of pie at the bbq that afternoon.

Once I saw a silly poster that read: “It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.” I promptly added that poster to my file cabinet of short-term role models, so the next time I thought about doing something stupid I could picture my face on that poster.

Who (or what)ever your short-term role models are, remember that they c

an be even more important to your long-term goals.

Who are your short-term role models?






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