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Kudos to Dressage Horse Owners and Adult Amateur Riders

Let’s appreciate the people who support our sport.


Tips on Choosing a Riding Instructor with Courtney King-Dye

How to find the best fit for you as a rider

Horse Care

How Dressage Horses Benefit from Variety

Courtney King-Dye explains the importance of days off, hack days and regular turnout.


Training The Overachieving Dressage Horse

You need a variety of strategies to train this type of horse.


The Benefits of Correct Dressage Position

Courtney King-Dye explains why position matters.


The Dressage Whip: Complexity Increases as You Progress

The whip is an important training tool in dressage when used properly.


Don’t Rush the Basics in Dressage

Courtney King-Dye Explains Why


Courtney King-Dye’s Advice to Improve Your Balance in the Saddle

Courtney King-Dye critiques Emme Johnston at Third Level.


Dressage Solutions: Develop Correct Bend

Try this tip from Courtney King-Dye

First Level

Upgrade Your Dressage Test Riding

Courtney King-Dye Try shares tips to improve your scores in the show ring.

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