Dressage isn’t just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle. Take a deeper look inside our dressage community, through in-depth feature stories. Check out our articles on everything from riding as an Adult Amateur, to Olympic Grand Prix dressage trainers, equestrian travel, what riding gear to buy and how to care for your dressage tack.

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From Rescue to Budding Star

An adoption story that demonstrates the importance of looking beyond the standard requirements for a dressage horse and proves that you don’t need to have a notable pedigree to be successful.

Barn and Facility

Barn Tour: Unexpected Farm

Check out Chelsea Canedy’s unique round barn at Unexpected Farm in Wales, Maine.


From Reality TV to Wellington Pro

Philesha Chandler went from winning “The Search for America’s Next Equestrian Star: Dressage” to establishing her own training business.


The Giving Moment

Lessons in letting go


The Feldenkrais Method—Improving Your Riding from Home

Improve suppleness, posture, coordination, feel and longevity; find ease and possibly even pain relief.


When 1+1 Is Greater Than 2

Musings on the unique chemistry of horse and rider


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TRAILER: Where It All Begins | Horse Week Featured Video brought to you United States Pony Club.


You Can’t Build Elegance with Force

Drawing parallels between yoga and dressage has helped this Grand Prix rider and trainer elevate his balance and strength and see the training journey through his horses' eyes.


Breeches That Fit

An amateur rider examines the conversation around body image in equestrian sports.

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