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The Giving Moment

Lessons in letting go


When 1+1 Is Greater Than 2

Musings on the unique chemistry of horse and rider


The Enemy of Good

A rider’s manifesto on overcoming perfectionism.


…But Look How Far You’ve Come

A reflection on the journey from the rider I used to be to the one I dream to become.


Simplify Your Riding with 5 Dressage Training Tips from Jan Brons

Advice on how to get more from your horse by doing less


Success Through Simplicity in Dressage with Jan Brons

Laser-sharp focus combined with a direct approach to training are at the core of international Grand Prix dressage rider Jan Brons’ system.


15 Facts About U.S. Dressage Olympian Adrienne Lyle

Learn more about this rider’s unique equestrian background!


9 Training Tips from German Dressage Olympian Dorothee Schneider

Inside the 2019 New England Dressage Association Symposium

Horse Care

What My Dressage Horse’s Spine Taught Me About Her Heart

DT's Lindsay Paulsen shares her journey of owning a horse who was recently diagnosed with kissing spine.

International Travel

Our Exploration of Bermuda’s Dressage Community Begins!

Dressage Today takes off for Bermuda

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