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Dressage Solutions: Create More Impulsion and Lift at the Canter

Try this tip from Janie Rentz.


Techniques to Improve Contact

Three exercises with Col. Christian Carde.


Enhance Collection with Positive Tension

Equestrian biomechanics expert Susanne von Dietze critiques a horse and rider and offers suggestions and exercises for improvements.


From the Racetrack to the Dressage Arena

FEI “I” dressage and eventing Judge Christoph Hess answers questions from the owner of an ex-racehorse.


Elevated Collection with a Baroque Horse

How much forwardness is necessary?


How Can I Achieve Suppleness on the Left Rein?

Fran Kehr shares her advice on suppling the horse and suggests exercises to help you shift your horse's balance.


Dressage Solutions: Feel Correct Contact

Try this tip from Mica Mabragaña


Success Through Simplicity in Dressage with Jan Brons

Laser-sharp focus combined with a direct approach to training are at the core of international Grand Prix dressage rider Jan Brons’ system.


Überstreichen Explained

Sandy Hotz answers this reader question, briefly explaining how überstreichen should be ridden, the purpose of the movement and when to use it.


Dressage Solutions: Achieve an Uphill Half-Halt

Try this tip from Chrissa Hoffmann.

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