Click 'n Learn: One-Tempi Flying Changes

Learn the building blocks that teach your horse one-tempi flying changes.

Here is a sequence of photos of five one-tempi flying changes. Notice the brief moment between canter leads when the rider tactfully asks for the new lead while keeping the horse’s body absolutely straight. As a result, the expression and impulsion in the canter does not fade as he progresses through the movement. When a horse changes his canter lead at every stride, it is often the visual highlight of a Grand Prix dressage test.

[flipbook speed=”400″ coverurl=”/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/tempi_changes.jpg”]

Belinda Trussell


— Photos by Michelle Dunn,

The rider is Belinda Trussell on Anton, a 10-year-old Saxony gelding by Antaeus and owned by Robyn Eames. Read the complete article on flying changes in the August 2010 issue of Dressage Today magazine.

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