Day 23: Curl Up With a Good Book

Here’s a book that is well worth a gander if you find yourself in a time of change, or perhaps you feel stuck and want to make a change in your life. It’s The Smart Woman’s Guide to Midlife Horses: Find meaning, magic and mastery in the second half of life by Melinda Folse. In Chapter 12 (Plateaus and ruts- and FEAR- Oh My!) she says: “When we start on this midlife journey, we might imagine it’s all exhilarating gallops on grassy fields and sandy beaches, but the reality is, having horses in your life is just as likely to challenge you at times as it is to fulfill you in ways you desperately need. It’s easy to get stuck, and there’s a good chance that something, somewhere along the way may scare you back OUT of the saddle.” In an up-beat style, Folse gives info on how the mid-life rider can put/keep horses in her life and how to overcome the fears that so often appear around this age. She explains why it’s important not to let horses disappear from our lives.


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