Day 27: Omega 3 Fatty Acids: The secret ingredient for a healthy winter

Your horse was built to thrive on fresh grass, which is rich in Omega 3s. But year-round pasture is hard to come by, so most owners turn to hay and grain. However, by the time it’s cut and dried, hay contains virtually no Omega 3s, and grains are much higher in Omega 6s than 3s. This is important because Omega 6s are generally pro-inflammatory while Omega 3s support anti-inflammatory reactions. High grain diets can result in a pro-inflammatory state that adds stress on cells throughout your horse’s body. While you may not be able to provide acres of rolling pasture, you can mimic Mother Nature by providing Omega 3s from Flax Seed and Fish Oil, two of the best sources of these healthy fats.


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