Day 6: In-Hand Exercise: Small Circle Left

This exercise from the Classical School improves control of the shoulders and mobilization of the hind limbs.This is intense work so practice for only a few minutes.

Photo Courtesy of Jenny Rolfe

  • Position yourself so you are standing to the left of your horse, facing his shoulder. Hold him with your left hand and carry your whip in your right hand.
  • His head should be in the vertical position, not tilted, with a slight neck flexion towards you.
  • Use breathing, body language and your whip to encourage your horse to walk in a small, counter-clockwise circle around you. His front legs will inscribe a smaller circle while his hind limbs are on a larger circle. As he steps, he should move his inside limbs laterally, crossing in front of his outside limbs.
  • As your horse circles around you, move a step or two backwards to ensure he has sufficient space to step forward and then across.

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