Today’s Products: October 2018

Savvy shopping for you and your horse

Dechra OSPHOS®

Dechra Veterinary Products is committed to developing new products and services that support the equine industry and continue to invest in products and added-value services that deliver our promise to veterinary professionals and owners. Dechra currently markets key equine products including OSPHOS® (clodronate injection) which is an intramuscular bisphosphonate injection indicated for the clinical signs associated with navicular syndrome in horses 4 years and older. The main effect of a bisphosphonate is to decrease bone resorption by decreasing the number and activity of osteoclasts in over-active bone metabolism.

‘On Top’ Snaffle Bridle

MacRider’s tack is handmade in a traditional workshop in The Netherlands using the finest Italian leather. The latest model of “On Top” flat bridle is top-of-the line at the moment and has an anatomically shaped headpiece with extra-soft padding. The noseband tapers for improved pressure distribution and the browband, which snaps on, is flat run. The bridle includes reins and comes with a matching bag. Also available: leather care products, saddles, bridles and more.

Ultimate EasyMotion Turnout

The SmartPak Ultimate EasyMotion Turnout has endless ergonomic extras to give your horse the

ultimate freedom of movement. The specialized SmartContour cut at the front of the blanket allows your horse to move his front legs more freely. Plus, ergonomic gussets for the front legs, hind legs, tail and even a grazing gusset match the natural movement of your horse. Additionally, the fleece-lined Rollback Neck has an extended length that can be clipped back into a standard neck position. Finally, the ultra-durable 1050D outer is waterproof, breathable and backed by SmartPak’s 10-Year Indestructible Guarantee. 800-461-8898;

HorseTech’s GutWerks

HorseTech’s GutWerks offers a super-concentrated probiotic/prebiotic package along with premium quality yeast culture and live cell yeast. Our probiotics, prebiotics and active yeast cultures have been selected for performance, viability and stability when mixed in feed. They will be there when you need them! Each two (2)-oz serving provides over 20 billion CFU of live, naturally occurring microorganisms and 50 billion live yeast cells. With our 100% money-back, full-satisfaction guarantee and free shipping, you will not regret trying our complete package for digestive support. Call us today at 800-831-3309 or order online at

Perfect Prep EQ™ Gold Pellets

Introducing Perfect Prep EQ™ Gold Pellets, a unique formula that addresses your horse’s pre-event focus, soundness and gastric jitters in an easy-to-feed, palatable, pelleted formula. High-level professionals to entry-level dressage competitors appreciate this simple, dependable, show-safe solution for horses who experience excitability in the show ring. Gold Pellets can be started before you ship to a show so you can enjoy a cooperative partner from the warm-up to your final salute. This convenient feed-through pellet may be used alone or in combination with any Perfect Products formula.

Back on Track

Back on Track offers a comprehensive line of therapeutic products for horses, dogs and people that may help increase mobility and prevent injuries. The popular Back on Track Quick Wraps for horses are now available in colors for a limited time! The Back on Track Quick Wraps have the unique Welltex fabric which reflects the horse’s body energy to create a far infrared thermal effect, reducing swelling without liniment or poultice. For more information, visit


Lactanase® by Vita Flex® Pro is an exclusive formula supplement that helps maintain energy while supporting optimal muscle function and metabolism. It contains no show-prohibited substances. The Lactanase formula by Vita Flex Pro supplies ingredients involved in the conversion of products of glycolysis (pyruvate) to acetyl coenzyme A, a key to efficient energy release.