Dressage Today OnDemand Launches New Training Video Series with Horsemanship and Performance Coach Chelsea Canedy

Boulder, Colorado – March 21, 2022 – Horsemanship and performance coach Chelsea Canedy is the latest to join the long list of top dressage riders, trainers and professionals on Dressage Today OnDemand.

Currently based in Wales, Maine, Canedy brings a unique approach to training the equine and human athlete through a foundational understanding of horse and rider psychology and performance.

As an accomplished rider with a vast knowledge of horse behavior and natural horsemanship, Canedy is able to identify and develop the potential in a horse with empathy, patience and understanding. Her philosophy with every ride is “reward the try and celebrate even 1% better”.

Meditation and mental performance have been pillars of her career with horses and previously as a social worker. This allows her to connect with riders who struggle with nerves, fear, staying present or those who are just looking to reconnect with their goals.

In her series on Dressage Today OnDemand, members will get a look at how horses learn and how we can positively interact with them through ground and under saddle exercises. She even does a short, guided meditation to help realign after a hectic day or get started at the beginning of the day. Topics covered include:

  1. The Purpose of Groundwork
  2. The Concept of Pressure and Release
  3. How We Can Help Horses Learn
  4. Working at the Mounting Block
  5. Riding the Sensitive Horse
  6. Riding the Less Motivated Horse and more

Regardless of where you and your horse are in your riding journey, Canedy’s keen insights can help you master the mental game and ride more effectively.

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