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Are You Ready to Move Up to Second Level?

Kate Fleming-Kuhn explains how to be sure you and your dressage horse are prepared before moving up a level.


You Get More Than One Fresh Start

As we begin a new year, Dressage Today's Lindsay Paulsen shares how her 2018 had a rocky start but ended with smiles.


The Joy of Volunteering at Dressage Competitions

A long-time Kentucky Dressage Association volunteer shares her meaningful experience.


11 Reasons to Volunteer at Dressage Shows

DT's managing editor offers a few reasons to put volunteering up higher on your busy to-do list.

FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018

The 2018 World Equestrian Games

The United States welcomes back the world’s best in equestrian sport.

Horse Care

10 Ways to Stay Safe and Healthy at Horse Shows

Learn what measures you can take to reduce the risk of invisible disease dangers.


10 Tips to Keep Your Senior Dressage Horse Competitive

Sound equine-management practices coupled with a good dose of common sense will assist in the longevity of senior horses.


Develop a Pre-Competition Ritual

Pre-competition rituals can help ground you when nerves hit hard.


The Role of Showmanship in Dressage Tests

Margaret Freeman explains the art of presenting your horse in the best light to the judge.

Rider Wellness

Energize Yourself to Perform in the Competition Arena

Harness positive thinking to become a stronger competitor.

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