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Here’s to the Horsewomen

In honor of International Women's Day, DT's Lindsay Paulsen reflects on the influential horsewomen who have shaped her life.


Developing a Happy Dressage Horse with Karen Pavicic

How to create a better relationship with your equine partner

Rider Wellness

The Problem of the Overhorsed Adult Amateur

Sport psychologist Jenny Susser, PhD, addresses an issue in the dressage community and reminds us of the importance of facing those difficult conversations.


Four Skills to Help You Become a Better Dressage Trainer

How to structure your lessons and help students overcome training hurdles


Self-Esteem and Insecurity in the Saddle

Dressage Today Intern Nenah Mikuska reflects on her ability as a rider, and how to embrace the fact that everyone is always learning.


How Do I Introduce My Horse to the Outdoor Arena?

Try these tips to help your horse adjust to work in an outdoor arena.


The Balance Between Humility and Confidence in the Saddle

An Adult Amateur dressage rider's musings

Rider Wellness

How to Ride A Dressage Test… Mentally

Sports psychologist Jenny Susser, PhD, explains that developing the mental strategy of test-riding is a skill of successful riders that is often overlooked.


Build Your Dressage Horse’s Confidence with Scott Hassler

Learn how to inspire your dressage horse to do his best with advice on developing lateral and longitudinal suppleness and getting your horse's head in the game.

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