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Dressage Schooling Notebook: Transitions with Cindy Ishoy

Strengthen and supple your horse with a series of upward and downward transitions.


Valentina Truppa: Equestrian Life During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Four questions with one of Italy's top dressage riders


Hanne Brenner: My Equestrian Life During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Paralympic dressage champion Hanne Brenner shares how her life with horses has been impacted by the spread of the virus.


Balancing Life as a Broodmare (or a Mother of Three!)

Adult Amateur dressage rider Alyssa Pilkington shares her experience as a mother of three who balances life with riding.


Why Dressage IS Circus

A salute to performing artists in the rectangle and on stage


The Unstoppable Equestrian Eloise King

A Dressage Trailblazer


Pam Stone: Growing from Strength to Strength

Blogger Pam Stone discusses how some great dressage partners come in small packages.


Building Power In Relaxation with Hubertus Schmidt

A top German dressage professional explains how to make your horse active and cadenced without losing relaxation.


Proper Connection for Dressage Horses on Trails

Gigi Nutter discusses what kind of connection is most appropriate when trail riding your dressage horse.


Dressage Gives Alex Wings

Learning dressage helps one rider with autism and cerebral palsy establish success and confidence in all aspects of his life.

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