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Should You Be Concerned About Equine Windpuffs?

Any horse in a consistent training program is a possible candidate to develop windpuffs, and most older horses who have had a long career in competitive sport have them.

Thrush in the frog and central sulcus

Fighting Equine Thrush

Causes, treatment and prevention

ice therapy horse Paula da Silva

The Benefits of Cold Therapy for Sport Horses

There are many modalities for providing cold therapy that range from low-tech to high-tech.

cricket russillo

What Are Equine Hindgut Ulcers?

Christina “Cricket” Russillo, DVM, answers this reader question.

Inferior Check Ligament Horse

An Overview of the Inferior Check Ligament in Horses

Here's why the check ligament is an important soft-tissue structure in the equine athlete.

bog spavin horse illustration

Bog Spavin in Horses: Treatment and Prognosis

Greg Staller, DVM, explains potential causes, treatment options and prognosis for a dressage horse with bog spavin.

Credit: Dusty Perin/ Excessive stretch in the fetlock can lead to damage, lameness and breakdown.

Prevent Fetlock Injury in Your Dressage Horse

Barb Crabbe, DVM explains the most effective way to keep fetlock injuries at bay.

Credit: Arnd Bronkhorst, It is common for some radiographs to show anomalies, and it is quite rare that a veterinarian doesn’t comment about them during a horse’s exam.

The Role of Radiographs in the Equine Prepurchase Exam

Is it possible to find a dressage prospect with no issues?