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The Fundamentals of Rhythm in Dressage Work


Ride with a ‘Library-Quiet’ Position

Jeremy Steinberg explains exercises to help you improve your dressage position and ride with invisible aids.


Improve Your Dressage Seat with Isabelle von Neumann-Cosel: Part 1

Learn how to understand your own body in order to address your specific position challenges.


Exercises to Develop Your Horse’s Straightness and Collection with George Williams

George Williams explains the importance of the counter canter


Riding in a Bitless Bridle for Desensitization

David De Wispelaere weighs in on whether or not riding bitless can help to desensitize a reactive horse.

Rider Fitness

Rider Exercises to Prevent Ankle Pain in Posting Trot

Why ankle pain happens and how to prevent it


How Do I Encourage My Andalusian to Stretch?

Are there exercises that work particularly well for Iberian breeds?


Dressage Training Exercises to Calm Your Hot Horse with Lauren Sprieser

Tips and dressage training exercises to help you manage a hot horse

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