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2018 Photo, Erin and Krista

When Hard Work, Passion and Resourcefulness Pay Off in Dressage

A story of encouragement for Juniors and Young Riders who are willing to work hard and stay committed to long-term goals


14 Breathtaking Images of Baroque Horses

We hope you enjoy these photos from Dressage Today's 2017 Baroque issue.

Lauren Sprieser and Karateka III, an 11-year-old Pura Raza EspaƱola (PRE) stallion, prove that a tailored training program can result in an all-around mount capable of producing a zippy Grand Prix test or going on a quiet hack.

Riding The Laid-Back Dressage Horse with Lauren Sprieser

Get the most out of your cool-tempered dressage horse with these exercises and tips.

Lisa Wilcox and Ernst Hoyos stand next to Hallie Ahrnsbrak riding Emmitt Sport, a Friesian gelding owned by John Bartlett. Ahrnsbrak says,

Lisa Wilcox's Toughest Dressage Training Challenge: The Flying Change

Olympian Lisa Wilcox had to get creative and find a new way to teach a Friesian dressage horse the flying change.