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Jenny Susser

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Addressing Rider Fear: Part 1

What are you afraid of? Sport psychologist Jenny Susser, PhD, discusses the individual and personal nature of fear.

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The Conundrum of Ideal Performance Conditions

How to understand which conditions are best for your personal performance.

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The Problem of the Overhorsed Adult Amateur

Sport psychologist Jenny Susser, PhD, addresses an issue in the dressage community and reminds us of the importance of facing those difficult conversations.

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Become a Thinking Rider

Mental imagery doesn't require massive amounts of time and it can be used anywhere.

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Grow Your Riding Comfort Zone While Staying Safe

Excellent decision making and baby steps are key.

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Free Yourself from Feelings of Guilt Over Barn Time

Learn why taking time away from your family to be at the barn can be a benefit for your children and loved ones, too.

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How to Reduce Your Stress Level in the Warm-Up Arena

Managing your stress involves how you prepare and how you recover.

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Rider Reflections for a New Year

The value of quiet thinking time

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Energize Yourself to Perform in the Show Ring

Harness positive thinking to become a stronger competitor.

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Is the Tough Dressage Trainer Worth It?

Consider these three questions from sport psychologist Jenny Susser, PhD, to decide.

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Is the Tough Trainer Worth It?

According to Dr. Jenny Susser, there's only one strategy for dealing with harsh criticism.

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Prevent Disappointment in the Saddle

Manage your expectations to help control your emotions.

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Coping with Judgment While Riding

A sport psychologist's advice on how to ride your best, even with an audience.

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How to Ride A Dressage Test... Mentally

Sports psychologist Jenny Susser, PhD, explains that developing the mental strategy of test-riding is a skill of successful riders that is often overlooked.

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Emotional Fitness for the Dressage Rider

Jenny Susser, PhD, explores the capacity to tolerate and manage emotional stress in the context of dressage.