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Sports Psychology

Get your head in the game (and in the ring!) with guidance from trusted sport psychologists. 

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How Perfectionism Can Hinder Progress in Dressage

Psychologist Jane Karol explains a helpful mental approach to becoming a better rider.

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Find Your Focus in the Dressage Show Ring

USDF gold medalist Kim Herslow explains how mental preparation can help you ride a better dressage test.

paul haefner riding far sport psychology goal setting

Goal Setting Tips for Riders

Advice from Paul Haefner, Ph.D.

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Addressing Rider Fear: Part 1

What are you afraid of? Sport psychologist Jenny Susser, PhD, discusses the individual and personal nature of fear.

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The Problem of the Overhorsed Adult Amateur

Sport psychologist Jenny Susser, PhD, addresses an issue in the dressage community and reminds us of the importance of facing those difficult conversations.

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Allison Brock's 5 Tips to Improve Mental Focus

A U.S. Olympian shares how you can redirect your attention to improve your riding.

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Energize Yourself to Perform in the Show Ring

Harness positive thinking to become a stronger competitor.

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Is the Tough Trainer Worth It?

According to Dr. Jenny Susser, there's only one strategy for dealing with harsh criticism.

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Prevent Disappointment in the Saddle

Manage your expectations to help control your emotions.

Safety: As Defined By An Equestrian

Sports psychologist Jenny Susser reflects on the importance of weighing risk in riding.

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Mind Wellness: A Balanced Journey for Dressage Riders

Sports psychologist, Jenny Susser explains the importance of finding balance in your dressage journey.

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Fear: A Necessary (But Manageable) Part of Riding

Sports psychologist Jenny Susser explains how to deal with this aspect of riding.

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Mind Wellness: Make Powerful Resolutions

Jenny Susser, PhD tells you how to make riding resolutions that will last.

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Visualization Techniques for the Dressage Rider

Sport Psychologist Jenny Susser explains this valuable tool for optimal performance.