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What is the Difference Between Rhythm and Tempo in Dressage?

Heather Blitz explains the difference between these two terms used commonly in dressage.


Tips to Pick Up the Correct Canter Lead

Try this advice from Heather Blitz to help you pick up the correct canter lead on your horse.


Dressage Solutions: Find Correct Balance

Try this tip from Heather Blitz.

Fourth Level

Heather Blitz: Keep Your Horse’s Shoulders Upright

This professional explains why your horse's balance is at the root of the problem.

First Level

Stabilize Your Torso

Heather Blitz critiques Hannah Jensen at First Level.


Improve Your Horse’s Engagement and Power

Heather Blitz critiques Patty Carley and her 4-year-old Canadian mare.


Isometric Strength in Dressage

Heath Blitz explains this important concept.


Challenge the Horse to Find Better Balance

Heather Blitz critiques Nuala Galbari at Intro Level.


Adjusting Horse and Rider Balance

Heather Blitz critiques Karen Lenaghan-Parfitt


Perfect Your Dressage Position

Heather Blitz critiques Kymberly Williams.

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