Dressage Solutions: Find Correct Balance

Try this tip from Heather Blitz.

To find correct balance …

Imagine sitting on a ball that’s on a teeter-totter inside your horse. For
proper balance—yours and your horse’s—stay aligned over the ball so it
doesn’t roll and cause the teeter-totter to tip forward or back. —Heather Blitz

(Illustration by Sandy Rabinowitz)

Heather Blitz was the United States alternate for the 2012 Olympic Games with
her gelding, Paragon. In 2011, the pair won team gold and individual silver medals
at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico. She credits her biomechanics
coach, Mary Wanless, as the biggest influence on her development as a rider and
instructor. They have been working together since 1993. Blitz is based in Wellington,

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