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Barn and Facility

Turnout for the Dressage Horse

Experts share turnout tips to make the most of your pasture space, while keeping your equine partner safe.


Thrifty Equestrian Travel

Organize your trailer with common second-hand store items and help your wallet, the environment and charities.

International Travel

Baroque Passion and Spirit in Andalusia, Spain

Hilary Moore Hebert explores this hotbed of equestrian activity.


Bringing Classical Dressage and Lipizzans to America

The Story of E.L. Dreitzler


Progressing Up the Dressage Pyramid of Training

Why dressage doesn’t always have to be about training and achieving.


Shannon Dueck: Riding Dressage Through Breast Cancer

Grand Prix dressage trainer Shannon Dueck discusses horses, happiness and how battling cancer transformed her attitude forever.


Dressage 101: The Jack-in-the-Box

This dressage exercise incorporates lots of geometry making it a useful training tool

First Level

Ride “The Bow Tie”

Hilary Moore Hebert gives you this exercise to loosen the stiff horse and refocus the mentally tense horse.

International Travel

The Equestrian Community Gives Back

JustWorld International and Horseware Ireland are just a few who help raise funds for a Cambodian school.


American-Bred Dressage Stars

Shirley McQuillan explains the breeding philosophy that produced a Grand Prix star.

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