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How to Build a Horse Fence–From Design to Construction

A fencing professional gives instructions on how to design and build this vital part of every stable.


Rewards of the Virtual Dressage World

Read one woman's journey through a virtual show.

Horse Care

Spring Cleaning!

10 tips for sprucing up your barn.

Horse Care

10 Barn Hacks

Pro groom Liv Gude shares some of her favorite barn “hacks”—tips and tricks to save money, time and hassle.


…But Look How Far You’ve Come

A reflection on the journey from the rider I used to be to the one I dream to become.


Why Barn Culture Matters

Grand prix dressage rider and trainer Kim McGrath learned early on that barn culture can make or break a person’s or horse’s ambitions.

Dressage Today Podcast

Dressage Today Podcast: Bitting Basics with Stephanie Brown-Beamer

In this episode of the Dressage Today Podcast, equipment expert and USDF gold medalist Stephanie Brown-Beamer joins us for a chat about bit and bridle fit.


Success Through Simplicity in Dressage with Jan Brons

Laser-sharp focus combined with a direct approach to training are at the core of international Grand Prix dressage rider Jan Brons’ system.

Dressage Today Podcast

Dressage Today Podcast: Dressage Saddle-Fit Basics

A conversation with saddle-fit expert Jochen Schleese


Life in the Dream Barn: A Clinic with Alfredo Hernandez and a New Pony

DT blogger Kelly McGinn shares an update from her brand new dressage facility.

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